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After many years of trading sport horses in the UK, we have enviable experience and knowledge within the Eventing community

Through selling hundreds of horses Worldwide, we have watched trends come and go....horses chosen for movement and then stamina, warm bloods and thoroughbreds, horses from Ireland then from Germany - to name only a few of the fads that coaches and dealers have swung to and from. Nature or nurture? The truth is, of course, BOTH. Especially in the modern event horse.

Having the freedom to use AI in sport horse production, we have the choice of premier stallions AND the finest quality mares. Exmoor Eventing use both - great mares with some traditional Irish breeding but with a high percentage of thoroughbred and the most suitable, proven stallions in the World. Add to this Daisy Trayford's (International advanced competitor) experience in backing and bringing on our youngsters, we can truly offer the best of European sport horse breeding, right here - for sale from our Florida farm.

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