"Fools breed for wise men to buy" - maybe we're just stupid....or maybe you're really smart to buy one!

We love the Irish Sport Horse - interpret that breed as you will, but our mares are the real deal. They are both IDxTB with some of the most prestigious breeding lines steeped in eventing history - we've used the best, proven and most suitable stallions for our mares we could find. The girls were pretty handy too - bravely taking Richard and Daisy around some of the most formidable hunt country in the UK. They were too good to just sell - so we bred them and bought them with us when we moved to the USA. We also shipped the youngstock already on the ground. It's very exciting to see what these superbly bred horses will become - and they compliment our more proven imports nicely as we take huge pride in starting and producing our own from scratch.

The Broodmares

Sun Star

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Big Hopes

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The Babies

Exmoor Xclusive 2011

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Exmoor Xcel 2012

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Exmoor Xante 2013

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Exmoor Xander 2013

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Exmoor Rusty Miller 2014


Exmoor Xandy Z 2015

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Exmoor 6X 2015

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Exmoor Xena 2016

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Exmoor Xavier 2017


Exmoor Jax 2018


Exmoor Maxwell 2018


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