Owners are a crucial part of a professional riders team - without them they cannot pursue their own careers alongside developing their horses. Both the financial and emotional support sought from an owner is invaluable

Daisy has seen MANY good horses she's produced get sold go on to win international events and complete 4*'s with other riders - it's time she held a few back to fulfil their potential and actually see through their careers herself!

As we own a huge portion of the horses here at Letchworth Farm, many are available for syndication or outright ownership - there's more than one that we'd like to see stick around - we have everything from European imports to homebreds and OTTB's - something to suit everyone's purse and taste.

Our past owners have been very lucky and their horses have been both profitable and successful - some have placed horses purchased through us into our program to develop it's education before passing onto an amateur or young rider.....there are many potential benefits to having a horse in a professional environment - especially the younger ones at the beginning of their careers.

It is impossible for us to bankroll our whole string - so to avoid Daisy's next potential superstar getting sold please contact us if you have an interest in owning an event horse.

Syndication shares are available for as little as $1,000 - so get a group together and come along for the ride!!


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