My experience buying my new horse was very pleasant, Daisy welcomed me to her barn, and I was treated like a friend who was horse shopping . I found Daisy's website very helpful before traveling to Florida, as she had good video of the horses she imported schooling at home and in competition. She believes in helping the amatuer (myself) (and Professional ) rider find a safe suitable horse. It was so nice to travel within the states and have the horses of English/Irish experience and quality, right here at home all ready "screened" for soundness etc.  An advanced level rider, coming from England, Daisy has a vast knowledge of fine horses and what is required of the competitive event horse.  Dealing direct with Exmoor Eventing "cuts out the middleman" and saves not only time but gives the buyer a ready person and place to try "the cream of the crop"! I would happily recommend Daisy to anyone looking for a high Quality event horse.  Gayle Davis, Vermont - purchased Tenesee                                                                                                                                                                          

Daisy and Richard are wonderful friends who are constantly endeavouring to offer up a select few nice sport horses for sale. We would not hesitate to take our clients to them to view horses.

Leslie Law & Lesley Law. British Olympic Individual Gold Medalist and former Canadian Shortlisted Eventing Team Member. 


I in 2005 I went to the UK to find a new event horse. The first stable I visited was Exmoor Eventing. When arriving I received a warm welcome from both Richard and Daisy, who showed me around their lovely farm. Originally I had arranged to visit several different stables in order to find a good horse. However this was not necessary, since Richard and Daisy had found the perfect match for me. He name was Marlborough Hill also known as Lofty. A big beautiful 7/8 thoroughbred gelding by Mayhill. I have had Lofty for 8 years and he was the best horse I ever had. A real cross country machine, who never put a foot wrong! Always doing his best to please. Simply a horse of a lifetime. Together we have competed in the Danish national championship for teams. We were ranged as number 9 on the Danish top 100 chart for junior/young riders and number 15 on the senior chart. When I start looking for a new horse, I will definitely ask Richard and Daisy to help me again, since they are extremely good at finding talented horses.

Natasja Christensen. Denmark

Dear Richard, Not that you'd remember, but I got my horse 'Derry' from you guys last year, I'd just like to let you know he's doing wonderfully and had a great season last year free of injury and taking on bigger bits than Tom Riall! He's still a bit of a baby but that not too much of a problem, We also won a gate jumping competition the other day at the berkeley with 5ft 1 1/2!

Ollie Sangster 15 yrs. United Kingdom

5 seasons ago, when I joined the VWH Mastership, I was told to go to Exmoor eventing for a good Field Master's horse. I have not looked back. Currently my two best horses have come from Richard Trayford. They turn up in my yard, with a price tag, to be tried for a week and never go back. Always tried at home first, I have absolute confidence that they will do my job, they are what he says they are.

Julian Weston. MFH VWH Hunt. United Kingdom

Richard and Daisy were a great loss to Dorset and the B & SV Hunt when they moved to Florida. Always producing good quality hunters to cross any country and we had the best of entertainment watching them 'test driving the newcomers'!!

Anthony Mayo MFH and Fieldmaster with The Blackmore and Sparkford Vale Hunt and Mrs Charlotte Mayo. United Kingdom

We always find Richard and Daisy completely straightforward to deal with. One thing is for sure; their horses are well schooled as they never miss an opportunity to take them hunting! They are currently much missed from the Ledbury field!

David Redvers. MFH and Fieldmaster with The Ledbury Hunt.  United Kingdom

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